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Adaptive Typing Tutor - version history

Date Version Novelty
29.10.2007 0.6.3 First, registered in version.
15.06.2007 0.6.1 A help system is added. Button "Explain" is functioning.
08.06.2007 0.6.0 A dialog to choose different ways to treat typing errors was added.
15.04.2007 0.5.3 A dialog for changing the menu font was added because was noticed that sometimes under Windows 98 the menu is not readable in Bulgarian.
24.03.2007 0.5.2 An icon was added. Windows Installer package was compiled.
05.03.2007 0.5.1 Little improvements.
04.03.2007 0.5.0 Training materials for Latin keyboard in English was added.
28.01.2007 0.4.3 Another type of exercise was added - typing a text "from file".
05.01.2007 0.4.2 Preparation was made to add another type of exercise - typing a text "from file".
19.12.2006 0.4.1 Little improvements.
5.12.2006 0.4.0 Two new types of exercise: "randomly chosen words" and "text from clipboard", an option to change font and other little changes ware made.
25.11.2006 0.3.2 A submenu was added for a new type of exercise which will be added soon - "randomly chosen words". Some other little changes was made.
16.11.2006 0.3.1 Little improvements.
15.11.2006 0.3.0 A new type of exercise was added - "difficult words".
12.11.2006 0.2.2 A hot key (F2) was set which clears the typed text and the user can start typing it again. A function to measure the speed of typing of separate words was established in order to add soon a new type of exercise "difficult words".
05.11.2006 0.2.1 The way of key strikes counting, time measuring and calculation of typing speed ware improved.
03.11.2006 0.2.0 26 texts to train for speed and accuracy of typing.
02.11.2006 0.1 This is the first send to a user version. It includes only basic lessons on Bulgarian typewriter keyboard and don't make difference between trainees.


Adaptive typing tutor

Version history

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